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Behind the Spotlight

At a young age I had always felt a passion for journalism to some degree. I had aspirations of being on ESPN as a desk host and later found a love for writing about the greatest stories happening in sports. This has since transitioned to the Esports world.

I started RLCS Spotlight with the intention to cover Rocket League Events like the sporting world does.  With the journalistic approach having rekindled my creativity I decided to record a video for my next topic and have not looked back since. Making YouTube content has since put the  article writing on the back burner. My passion currently lies within brining you the best and most digestable RLCS coverage the community has seen.

The love I feel for professional Rocket League is unquestionable. The passion for viewieng any and all RLCS content that I can has turned into a creative outlet for me. My goal is to be a pillar in the Rocket League Esports scene for the future ahead. Starting my Esports Journalist journey has been a great experience and I cannot wait for the greatest stories in Esports to unfold. 

About Me: About Me
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