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True Neutral Signs With...

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

By Joseph Lacy

Photo via Gamers Without Borders

The day has come, Ex-True Neutral is no more. Welcome Complexity Esports back into the RLCS scene! Last seen in RLCS season 8 back in 2019, Complexity has picked up the trio of Ajg, Reysbull, and Shad. The Esports organization based out of Texas seems like a great fit for the team residing in Mexico after moving there from South America. Complexity recently also made a big splash by signing the legendary streamer, Timthetatman. With this roster pickup, Complexity should continue to grow their brand even further than before.

Who is True Neutral

The former South American roster of Ajg, Reysbull, and Shad made a name for themselves during the RLCS X season by consistently playing deep into each tournament. They won numerous events and were even crowned the RLCS X South American Champions. True Neutral took down the FURIA Esports roster of Caard, CaioTG1, and Tander to claim the title for best team in South America.

During the offseason the roster and organization mutually agreed to move the team to Mexico to allow them to play in the North American region for the RLCS 2021-2022 season. This would be the first time an entire roster would transfer regions. True Neutral released a statement saying that the team wanted an opportunity to play at a higher level of competition. The team had seen great success in South America and wanted to take a chance and prove themselves worthy of the rich talent pool in North America.

Shortly after announcing the regional transfer, True Neutral as an organization made another change. Going back on their previous endeavor, True Neutral had parted ways with the roster of Ajg, Reysbull, and Shad. This is not as drastic as it seems. See, the organization felt it belonged in the South American region and would move back to hosting a RLCS roster in their home region as soon as the current roster found a new home. The trio of players would play the first two regionals under the True Neutral moniker. With the trio signed to Complexity now, The Argentinian Esports organization has moved back to the SAM region and help diversify the country representation a bit. In their statement on why they want to return to SAM they said, “Also we cannot envision a world where top 8 in SAM consist of all Brazil teams, and we need to help our region out”.

Results in NA

The former True Neutral trio had played well throughout the first two regionals in their debut against North American talent on a regular basis. The team should be very proud of their accomplishments and seem to be growing in cohesion and confidence with each match and series played.

In the first regional for NA, the team made the playoff bracket as the 8th seed. They managed to go 3-2 in the swiss stage and managed to actually beat G2 Esports in the second round of swiss. That win over G2 would put them at 2-0 in the swiss stage and eventually slated them with the runner ups of the tournament, NRG. They would lose that series 2-3. Then, in round 4 they also got matched up against Team Envy. Envy is another brutal opponent to face in any stage of a tournament. True Neutral would qualify for playoffs by beating the Susquehanna Soniqs in a 3-1 series scoreline. During the playoffs True Neutral would fare well against their first round opponent - Spacestation Gaming. They would get swept and their tournament had ended with a 5th-8th finish.

Ajg, Reysbull, and Shad would see more success in the second regional event. The trio would go 3-1 in the swiss stage. They played one of their most dominant series since entering North American RLCS and their opponent in that series was FaZe Clan. The previous tournament winners would be shut down by the South American juggernaut and lose the series in a sweep. True Neutral would only allow 2 goals across the 3 games. The stifling defense was no match for the high powered offense that FaZe typically has. With that series win clinching a playoff spot, True Neutral had qualified for playoffs as the 4th seed. This would put them against XSET in the playoffs. These two teams had already played during the swiss stage and XSET took the victory 3-2. This time around, True Neutral would not be so kind to their opposition. The series would go in favor of True Neutral by a score of 4-2. Now having secured themselves a top 4 finish, all True Neutral had to do to get to the Finals was beat G2 Esports… something they had done in the previous tournament. This time, however, the series would not favor True Neutral. G2 would knock them out of the tournament, beating them 4-1, and sending them home with a top 4 placement.

So far so good for the newly acquired Complexity roster. They have improved over each tournament and only seem to be trending in a positive direction. Complexity currently are sitting tied for 4th in the region with 4 other teams at 390 points. In order to qualify for the International Major happening in December the Complexity roster will need to have another deep tournament run in regional 3 (starts November 12th) to give them the best shot at qualifying. North American RLCS competition is cut throat and with Complexity in the mix this season the talent pool only got stronger.

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