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By Joseph Lacy

Photo via @Complexity on Twitter

In the North American region only 5 teams can qualify for the international major in Stockholm. The 5th and final spot ended in a tie between Spacestation Gaming and Complexity Gaming. Spacestation has been a household name in the NA region for 3 seasons now. Complexity are the newcomers to the region; The former True Neutral team that moved from South America to compete at the highest level in the RLCS. A single best of seven series will decide who joins the rest of North America in Sweden.

One Final Series for Sweden

Complexity came out on fire and took a quick 2 game lead over Spacestation in the tie-breaker series. Ajg for complexity was shooting lights out and Reysbull was filling out the rotations perfectly. For Spacestation, Arsenal looked a bit slow to start the series but would ramp up his efforts in games 3, 4, and 5. The longest standing player for Spacestation, Sypical, was playing the best out of his teammates for the first half of the series. Sypical was all over the pitch, stopping every Complexity offensive push before they could mount any sort of comeback. Vocal team leader Retals was on his usual behavior, being the disruptor and causing all sorts of mayhem for the Complexity defense. The middle part of this series the momentum completely shifted in favor of Spacestation. Complexity looked extremely uncomfortable and was unable to create any kind of pressure. Then they flipped the switch.

Game six always takes place on Neo Tokyo and the Complexity side of the pitch was hardly pressured. Complexity took to the skies and were pouncing on every Spacestation clear before it could even reach mid field. Both teams had managed to score in all the games prior to this one. Spacestation would get shut out in game six and would allow the momentum swing back to Complexity before heading to Champion’s Field to finish out the series. Similar to the first game of the series, Complexity would jump out to a quick 1 goal lead and would not look back. They would keep a huge amount of pressure on the Spacestation defense. With a 2 goal lead and the clock ticking away, all the pressure had been put onto Spacestation. The Complexity defense would not crack. Complexity always had an answer for whatever Spacestation would throw at them and with 31 seconds left in the game Shad would deliver the killing blow. Spacestation had just mounted their best offensive chance during the final game and with a full triple commit on offense, Complexity had plenty of space to work with. Arsenal would try and pass the ball down to Sypical in the Complexity box but Reysbull would be there to pop it up in the mid field. Having just collected a full 100 boost Shad took to the air with all the time in the world. His first touch kept the ball going forward but not far enough out for him to get a final touch past Retals to complete the series win for Complexity.

Complexity has shocked the world and will represent the North American region in Stockholm, Sweden alongside - NRG, G2, Envy, and FaZe. Going into the fall split Complexity said themselves they had hopes for top 12 in NA. With this series win over Spacestation they solidified themselves to always be in the conversation for top 5 in North America.

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